Cardillo Gray Partners launched in 2017, bringing together two divergent legal minds in Tony Cardillo and Stuart Gray. Tony, with a 30-year history as a reserve legal lawyer with the Royal Australian Air Force, and Stuart, a lawyer with a specialist focus on representing emergency services officers with respect to their criminal, industrial and personal injury rights.

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Workers Compensation

Workers compensation lawyers

Cardillo Gray Partners are Newcastle’s premier workers compensation lawyers, successful in securing entitlements for workers hurt or ill because of their job.

It’s compulsory for employers to have workers compensation insurance covering employees regardless of the type of work they do. Whether you’re full-time, casual, part-time, or self-employed, you’re covered.

Workers compensation insurance covers any injury or illness that happens at work or because of work. From fall injuries to hearing loss, psychological trauma and mental illness, your medical expenses and wages while off work are paid through this insurance. And it doesn’t matter who was at fault.

Despite this, not all employers have a clear understanding of their obligations. Too often we hear from workers whose boss dismisses workplace injury or illness as fake or exaggerated. Then there’s the cases where employers pressure staff to return to work or be dismissed. Add to this the defendant insurance agencies who try every legal manoeuvre in the book to block claims.

Getting expert legal advice from the team at Cardillo Gray Partners as soon as possible is a sensible and practical move when claiming workers compensation

Compensation experts

Engaging us to help you manage your workers compensation claim will ensure you satisfy all legal requirements and maximise your entitlements.

We take the stress out of lodging your claim and will ensure that you have access to the following compensation:

Workers compensation claims rarely result in substantial payouts. You will receive a lump sum payment if you have suffered a serious permanent injury, but in most cases, it will not be enough to compensate you for all pain and suffering and other losses.

We always consider your legal position fully and will identify additional claims you may have in addition to your workers compensation claim. Examples include income protection claims involving your superannuation, total and permanent disability claims, third party negligence and work injury damages claims.

You can read more about personal injury claims here.

It takes an experienced workers compensation claim lawyer to clearly identify when and how these additional benefits apply to a work-related injury. Cardillo Gray Partners have the expertise to maximise your total compensation package.

What is it going to cost me?

All workers compensation claims in NSW are funded by the government through a body called the Workers Independent Review Office (WIRO). It means that you never receive a bill from us for the work that we do on your workers compensation claim. All our fees are paid by WIRO.

If you are injured at work, you deserve the best possible workers compensation claim outcome to get you back on track. Contact us today for a confidential, obligation-free discussion.