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Traffic Offences

When to seek legal advice for Traffic offences

Do you have a traffic matter that needs the expertise of a lawyer? Driving offences can be complicated. There are several different types of offences with driving penalties ranging from a loss of demerit points and a fine, to jail in the most serious of cases.

Some driving offences carry mandatory penalties, while others can be defended, and the sentence reduced or dismissed entirely.

Newcastle-based driving offence lawyers Cardillo Gray Partners are who you should turn to.

Whatever the case, it is important you receive expert advice from the expert lawyers at Cardillo Gray Partners before you take any action. Some traffic offences may have unexpected consequences that significantly impact on your daily life.

Our years of experience in dealing with a wide range of driving and traffic infringements will be of benefit in determining your defence strategy.

Types of traffic offences

The most common traffic offences include speeding, negligent driving and driving while unlicensed or suspended.

The more serious offences that result in the issuing of a Court Attendance Notice (CAN) to answer charges include:

It is essential if you are facing driving offence charges that you immediately contact us to discuss your situation. The penalty you face can depend on a range of issues which can be challenging to understand without extensive knowledge of the law.

Knowing what those issues are and how they can influence the outcome of your case is where our expertise is invaluable.

The court can also look favourably on positive character references and the willingness of a defendant to complete safer driving courses or drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Defending charges

Defending charges relating to traffic offences are considered in two ways.

Firstly, a denial that you did what the prosecutor says you did, backed up by evidence. For example, for a charge of driving while disqualified, you can prove that you did not drive, or that you were not disqualified from driving at the time.

Alternatively, you can defend the charges if you have a legal excuse or justification for your actions.

Some common examples of a legal excuse or justification for your actions include:

Whatever the circumstances of your traffic offence, contact the team at Cardillo Gray Partners. We will work with you to review the details contained in the prosecution case and determine the best way forward to achieve a just outcome.