Cardillo Gray Partners launched in 2017, bringing together two divergent legal minds in Tony Cardillo and Stuart Gray. Tony, with a 30-year history as a reserve legal lawyer with the Royal Australian Air Force, and Stuart, a lawyer with a specialist focus on representing emergency services officers with respect to their criminal, industrial and personal injury rights.

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Employment Law

Do you need an expert Employment lawyer?

Understanding rights and obligations as they apply under employment law is a vital element in any workplace.

At its core is the relationship between employers and employees and how best to resolve any concerns that arise from a conflict of those rights and obligations.

Newcastle-based Cardillo Gray Partners employment lawyers focus on resolving employment law disputes efficiently and fairly on matters ranging from wages and entitlements, to harassment and discrimination.

A key strength of ours is that we advise both employees and employers, giving us insight into both sides of any potential dispute and enhancing our ability to provide you with fully informed advice.

We understand that there are times pursuing litigation is unavoidable. In those circumstances, we have the expertise and experience to guide you every step of the way.

Employment law advice for employees

Our employment law services for employees and contractors include:

Strict time limits apply for some cases. For example, in most cases of unfair dismissal, there is a tight 21-day deadline. Speak to us today to secure expert legal representation.

Our employment law services for employers include:

How we work

When contacting Cardillo Gray Partners to discuss your situation, you can rest assured that your enquiries will be handled in the strictest of confidence by a highly experienced workplace lawyer.

At your initial appointment, your lawyer will review any documents and discuss your case in detail. Initial advice is offered during the appointment, and we follow up with written advice and advise of the next steps.

At this point there are three general outcomes – we may advise there’s no claim to be made, we might make direct contact with your employer or employee or the other party, or an application may be lodged on your behalf to begin proceedings.

We will gather any evidence in support of your claims such as contracts, communications or other documents and lodge your application or dispute in the appropriate place. Usually, your dispute or application will be lodged with the Fair Work Commission, the NSW Industrial Relations Commission or the Federal Court of Australia.

At this stage, we will attempt to resolve the issues via mediation to bring the matter to a mutually agreeable close and avoid a court hearing. Most cases don’t make it to court, but if yours does, we will prepare and guide you through every step to achieve the best outcome possible.

We take the time to explain employment law, explore options with you and formulate strategies that work towards your desired outcome. Contact Cardillo Gray Partners to speak to one of our employment law experts.